2022-09-07 – Minute of meeting

Date: 7th September 2022, 7pm.
Ratified 5th October 2022

1.09 Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest

Present: Sheila Gibb, Joy Snape, Norman Catto, Robert Turnbull, Disney Barlow,
Marc Fletcher, Councillors Parker, Paton Day, Anne Brown (minutes),
3 members of the public, Steven Renwick SBC (part).
Apologies: Cora Younger, Councillor Linehan
Sheila welcomed everyone; no conflicts of interest noted.

2.09 Adoption of Minutes

August Minutes proposed by Joy, seconded by Disney.

3.09 Matters Arising/Actions from Previous meeting

3.08 Discharged: See Agenda item 6.09
5.08 Discharged: Jenny sent feedback sessions dates
6.08.2 Discharged: Joy and Marc planned, organised September Jubilee event
6.08.2 Discharged: Sheila contacted the Duke of Buccleuch
6.08.6 Discharged: Jenny arranged video link from 30th June meeting
9.08 Discharged: See Agenda item 9.09
10.08 Discharged: David reported 20mph signs on A68 being revised to 30mph in October
10.08 Discharged: David reported “Dragons’ Teeth” to be painted at 20mph entrances soon
11.08 Discharged: See Agenda item 11.09
12.08: Discharged: See Agenda item 12.09
13.08: Discharged: See Agenda item 13.09
No Matters Arising

4.09 Police Report

Report circulated; no queries raised.

5.09 Correspondence Received

Items had been circulated.
Problem with apples taken from the tree in the Green for play.
Action: Joy to suggest they use when attending ECDT meeting.
Action: Sheila to request advice after fruiting with SBC
Action: Sheila to confirm CC attendance at SBC Greener Gateway event

6.09 Reports

6.09.1 Planning

One application relating to a conservatory – no comment needed.

6.09.2 Treasurer

Update given; donations received for Earlston in Bloom; SBC annual grant received.
Account can now be accessed on-line but no transactions made.

6.09.3 Earlston in Bloom

Update given; Gardening and Sunflower competitions completed.
Baskets down and green waste stored, Co-op donated growbags being used by EHS.
There will be plants donated from Mrs Foyle of Carolside estate and located at the edges of the Triangle, gaps in perennial borders at the Green are to be filled.
Bloom still plans to plant crocus later in the year.

6.09.4 Resilience

Update given; Norman has stood down with the Lead now taken by Marc who had attended SBC session. Thanks to Norman for his work since starting the sub group, remaining as member.

6.09.5 Earlston Community Action Plan (ECAP) / Placemaking

Item covered in other updates and discussions.
Cycling infrastructure: research on cycle stands sites has identified options; next step is to link to SBC. Discussion around ideas and visit to Stow planned for October.
Action: Marc/Sheila to make contact with SBC officers.
Cora attended first Working Group meeting on Place Making. Disappointed to be the only person but useful update from SBC on funding and support: they recommend updating ECAP to access this.

6.09.6 Eildon Area Partnership (EAP)

Next meeting 8th September

7.09 New Primary School

Steven Renwick, gave update. Pupils relocated bar Nursery, completion hopefully by end September. Demolition planned from October to March. Prior to this East Green will be demolished, with playpark temporarily closed to allow for compound set up in October with area re-open by late November.
Parking in current layout will not return. CC raised the need to keep neighbours informed, especially on planned parking changes. Steven will give quarterly updates at CC meetings.
Action: Steven to arrange a mail drop to neighbours re autumn works
Action: Sheila to arrange future dates for attendance with A Stockman

8.09 Eildon Housing Development

First turf cut Friday 2nd September, roadworks at east of the site due completion by end November.

9.09 Community Council Co-opted Membership

Sheila reported on SBC process. CC agreed helpful if local advertising suggested speaking with current members to learn more about the role.
Action: Sheila to prepare Draft advert using SBC template for CC approval.

10.09 Update on Local Issues Raised with SBC

See table below.
Action: David to request updates from SBC officers on outstanding items.

11.09 Earlston Public Toilets (Item 3 in 10.09)

David reported public toilets re-opened at 5pm today. Discharged.

12.09 Winter Resilience/Cost of Living Crisis

SBC Report has completed Report with Action Plan.
Action: David to share with CC.

13.09 Reading Room Books

Jenny had obtained some advice on disposal of surplus books.
Action: Sheila to contact possible businesses to learn more, arrange for CC to visit SBC storage site.

14.09 Any Other Business

Member of the public raised:

  1. Church Brae, Mathy’s Close, before road built. David advised the process for changing street names is strictly governed. CC asked if it might be possible to add.
  2. The length of cemetery grass, needing cut. Robert reported positive feedback received following mowing as left very tidy with clippings removed.
  3. Traffic speed in Everest Road, Crown Crescent, Queensway, Summerfield areas, requesting one-way system be considered. David informed CC one-way systems have been shown to increase speed further: speed humps may be an option.
    • Action: David to raise all items with appropriate SBC officers.
  4. Member of the public asked how to receive electronic: CC doesn’t currently have a website. The public should e-mail request to earlston.communitycouncil@gmail.com
    • Action: Sheila to add 2 x residents to circulation.
  5. Joy advised CC large numbers of dog mess are left along Haughhead Road, even in doorways.
    • Action: David to request stencil and recommended paint or advise where SBC purchase them.
  6. CC project to replace website was not working and external support/ purchase needed.
    • Action: Marc to discuss with Cora who developed website recently.

Next meeting: Wednesday 5th October 2022
Chair/ Secretary
Sheila Gibb
01896 849663

Vice Chair:
Joy Snape
01896 848113

Robert Turnbull
01896 848515

Email: earlston.communitycouncil@gmail.com

10.09 Local issues raised with SBC on 15th July 2022

Public loo/bus stanceAgreed Action to Be TakenBy
1Black steel stands at bus stance
One bent, all rusted
Blacksmith to repair and repaintSBC/C Blackie
2Ancient notices
Grubby notice board
Remove notices
Clean metal board
Provide clear instructions on who and how to contact SBC when there are access problems
SBC/C Blackie
Front right and side loos:
Door locks/ mechanisms remain broken, out of use
Ensure correct repairs carried out asap.SBC/C BlackieDONE
CC query on how to get secure cycle stands, as in MelroseMarc is taking this on as part of ECAP/ Placemaking.DONE
The Square
5White parking bay lines faded outside the PharmacyConfirm ownership, paintSBC Roads
6Tarmac surface broken, causing problems for elderly, wheelchair/ mobility scooter users etcRepair holesSBC RoadsDONE
7Broken paving, corner at High Street and the BraeRepair pavingSBC RoadsDONE
8CC query removing/ repurposing of scruffy BT phone box when there are no current consultations, unused for yearsConfirmed phone box will not be removed.DavidDONE
CC query over frequency of cut (annual), timing (end of year) as residents are unhappyAdvised by SBC no change this year.
Review 2023 timing before Common Ridings