EARLSTON COMMUNITY COUNCIL (CC) – Minute of Meeting on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 at 7 p.m.

Draft Minute of Meeting on Wednesday 3rd May 2023 at 7 p.m. 
AGM Chairman’s ReportTreasurer’s Report and Annual AccountsAppendix 
1.05Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest
Present: Sheila Gibb, Chair, Joy Snape, Vice Chair, Robert Turnbull, Treasurer,
Disney Barlow, Norman Catto, Marc Fletcher, Cora Younger, Cllrs David Parker,
Jenny Linehan, John Paton Day, PC Porter (part), one member of the public
No conflicts of interest noted. 
2.05Adoption of Minutes
April Minutes proposed by Norman, seconded by Marc. 
3.05Matters Arising/Actions not covered under Agenda Items
All covered in the agenda items except Minute Secretary:
Action: Sheila to advertise when possible. Discharged.
4.05 Police Report
Report circulated, no comments.  PC Porter is aware of vandalism to the sundial; a crime report is being provided after Sheila has reported the incident.  He was on duty at the Sevens and informed CC of the numbers on the High Street, issues with noise and road safety with people crossing without due care.Discussion around a need for barriers for The Green and provision of portaloos to avoid the current unacceptable public urination. PC Porter would like to avoid any unsafe scenarios.
Action: CC to give Councillor Parker a list of suggestions for 2024 event.
5.05Correspondence Received
Items circulated and noted, no actions.
CC agreed not to take part in the SBC Greener Gateway.  Norman and Sheila will focus on Keep Scotland Beautiful; wider recognition and not a competition. 
Nothing to report.
See Appendix one
The SBC Kings Coronation grant has been received.
6.05.3Earlston in BloomSchool project completed with final membrane and bark going down, Lottery funding and CC plaques are on the entrance gate. CC now need to handover with report etc for the press.  
There is a Horticulture course next session so good to know the space will be used.
Joy suggested that the new 6th Year might help Bloom on work sessions after exams.
Action: Joy to speak to Depute Head
Bloom plan two work session each week planned in May but volunteer numbers are very low.Red Lion owners confirmed they’re unable to pay invoice; agreed to some tubs being moved. The Blacksmith has made brackets for hanging baskets, Lee Sinclair putting them up.In May there’s another push for funding and donations including flyers and a Co-op Day
6.05.4Resilience   SandbagsMarc is meeting the SBC Emergency Planners next week to explore options for siting of sandbags and store. Action: Update CC on final locationCPR
Fire and Rescue Service have dates available in June.  Marc is arranging the Church Hall before advertising to Resilience and the general public. 

6.05.5Earlston Community Action Plan (ECAP) / Placemaking:SBC Placemaking:Jenny to remind officers to send examples. Discharged David to confirm consultants used by Oxton and Newstead. Discharged
Cora and Sheila met today and agreed the next steps will be to use community events, update ECAP with where we are, what’s done or not, what’s still relevant or not.After the table top exercise then looking at community consultation after the summer.Action: Cora to look into Community Enterprise and possibility of working together.

Website: Action: Sheila to resend link to CC. Discharged
Cycling infrastructure:
Earlston to Leaderfoot off road route: No update  
Village Infrastructure: Stow Cycle Hub visited in April, there was a low take up in trying ebikes and free bike check session but it would be good to repeat the event.Marc explained they are happy to help with any funding applications, explaining how good it would be having a bike repair space here.     
Primary School:
Safe Route to School:   
Meeting held to talk through the survey results, undertaken by the school and Friends of Earlston Primary. Talks will take place between the school and SBC. 
School Defibrillator:
Steven Renwick confirmed it will be moved to outside Leader Valley School. Discharged.  
Litter pick:Marc has arranged for a litter pick at 2pm of 6th June and would appreciate volunteer help.
Action: CC to check availability and get back to Marc. 
King’s Coronation Big Lunch event with Friends of Earlston Primary School: The event is this Sunday from 12 – 4 at Rugby Ground where people will bring picnics etc while the clubhouse facilities will also be open and BBQ taking place.  There’s free celebration cake and an ice cream for nursery and primary age kids plus games and activities. Groups taking part include the tennis and rugby clubs, Beyond Earlston,Friends of Thomas the Rhymer and Bumps, babies and toddlers. 
6.05.6Eildon Area Partnership (EAP)
Nothing to report. 
7.05New Primary SchoolBuilding works: Councillor Parker confirmed construction starts on 29th May with completion by summer 2024.  
School Naming:
Councillor Parker chaired initial meeting attend by Head, Friends of EPS, Councillors Linehan, Paton Day and Community Council to consider whether to rename the building given the scale of the new campus with library, health centre, destination play park and enhanced landscaping. Suggestions included the main name of Earlston Community Campus while keeping each element the same within that. The Group agreed to meet again in August. 
8.05Eildon Housing Development.
Marc confirmed brand of litter pickers supplied on loan by SBC.  Discharged.CC have written twice for update on Community Benefits, no response. The updated handover dates were sent to CC on 19th April. 

9.05Update on Local Issues Raised with SBC:
Public Toilets: Jenny raised out of order toilet with C Blackie, confirming what wrong and when fixed. Councillor Parker advised CC it was in hand. 
Public toilet: No update, the section of wall remains unpainted.
No change – unacceptable and been like this for months. 
Repairs to West Summerfield:
Councillor Parker advised CC; work was going forward as a Small Scheme. 
Works Outstanding: requested July 2022Painting of white parking bay lines outside Pharmacy
Councillor Parker advised CC; work is being planned for inclusion in the summer programme.
Replacement street signs CC requested for Haughhead Road, Huntshaw, Mill Road, Jaynefield, Rodgers Place:No action despite CC being told the signs requested in June 2022 should be in place as Small Scheme for 31 March.
It’s understood Finlayson are painting the current signs. Sheila explained this was not was requested in June 22. 
The signage is intended to be match other streets, including the branding that is the village/CC logo. If not done, a new request will be made to the relevant SBC officer.
10.05Any Other BusinessSign up to SBC Code of Conduct 2023 agreed.

Next meeting: Wednesday 7th June  



CHAIR’S REPORT for Year Ending 31.03.2023

AGM 3rd May 2023

It’s difficult to think this is the first “regular” AGM, coming after the pandemic years and CC election in 2022, advanced to earlier in the year to avoid a clash with SBC’s own election. 

The outcome of our election was disappointing, given that only 7put ourselves forward for public vote when there are 12 places available and there was no interest later in the year when we advertised for more members. 

The positive for us to take away is that we work well together and I hope the voluntary hours we give up throughout the year, and which extend well beyond these monthly meetings, are recognised and appreciated by the community.

I’d also like to say a formal thank you to our Minute Secretary Anne Brown who has supported CC for a number of years and wish her well for the future.

CC can be frustrating at times, going over the same ground and trying to make things happen.  We’ve had successes like the Platinum Sundial project, recognition of outstanding work by Keep Scotland Beautiful, completion of the High School renovation project, war memorial railings restored, stronger links with schools, nurseries and community groups.

Sometimes it’s small, inexpensive wins that make a difference and CC does a lot of the hidden negotiating to make things happen, like getting crumbling steps repaired, SBHA accepting our proposal and overhauling Bellevue, Huntshaw Triangle transformed from eye sore to amenity. 

Challenges and opportunities remain. 

CC continue to press SBC for the completion of the off road Earlston to Leaderfoot route, white lining at The Square, replacement of dirty, old street signs etc.

We can also look forward to positives. They include progress with the very important replacement Primary School, the return of a fully functioning and accessible library, the new Health Centre, completion of the Eildon Housing development, attracting cyclists with improved infrastructure, revitalising the Community Action Plan as Placemaking. 

Having taking over The Green, CC will aim to ensure it remains as the attractive and welcoming central focus for Earlston.  

Thanks to everyone for their contribution and support over the year.

I look forward to us making a difference again this coming year having once again agreed and all signed up to the SBC Code of Conduct. 

Sheila Gibb


TREASURER’S REPORT for Year Ending 31.03.2023

I have shown the General Fund and Ringfenced Funds separately. The latter have been divided into four different groups to streamline record keeping and provide greater transparency. 

The 2021 -2022 Accounts only cover 9 months of that year as it ended in December when the Community Council went into abeyance because the normal election process was halted by Covid restrictions. A new Council was formed in time for the start of the next financial year and the 2022 – 2023 Accounts contain some transactions which fell in the period January to March 2022.  The invoice for last year’s Insurance Premium has still to be received. The increased activity in the General Fund is because of the financial transactions relating to the Sundial commemorating the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth 11.

By far the most active account has been the Earlston in Bloom, Earlston High School and Fox group. This benefitted greatly from the Co-op Good Causes donation and the generous response from businesses and individuals in the community to our appeal for donations. The proceeds have been put to good use.  The Earlston Action Plan Group showed modest activity and a generous donation will be used to provide financial help to people who might struggle to purchase safety equipment for young children. The Defibrillator Fund remains untouched, and a small sum has been added to the Reading Room Account.

The “books” balance and I am grateful to David Mitchell for scrutinising the Accounts and his helpful suggestions on how to make it easier to compute the totals under the various headings.

Robert Turnbull