2022-08-03 – Minute of meeting

Date: 3rd August 2022, 7pm

1.08 Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest

Present: Sheila Gibb, Joy Snape, Norman Catto, Robert Turnbull, Disney Barlow,
Marc Fletcher, Councillors Parker, Linehan, Paton Day, Anne Brown (minutes), one member of the public. Apologies: Cora Younger.
Sheila welcomed everyone; no conflicts of interest noted.

2.08 Adoption of Minutes

June Minutes proposed by Norman, seconded by Robert. Note: no meeting held in July.

3.08 Matters Arising/Actions from Previous meeting

Discharged: Sheila circulated May Police report on receipt.
Discharged: Cora e-mailed CC her planning consultation response.
Discharged: Sheila followed up request for streets list from Councillor Parker.
Carried Forward: Sheila, Cora and Marc to discuss ideas, options and previous solutions.
Discharged: Sheila liaised with Greener Melrose; met with Anne and SBC to agree changes to the mowing regime in Mill Meadow to benefit wildlife.
No Matters Arising.

4.08 Police Report

June and July Police reports on receipt. No queries raised, no statistics provided.
Our new Community Police officer, Connie Bird, is welcome to attend future meetings.

5.08 Correspondence Received

The 6 items had been circulated.
David responded to resident’s query about lack of Dentistry Services in the Borders, asking what Councillors can do to help. It is an NHS Borders function with a national shortage, too few people to fill vacancies, rural areas experiencing the problem most acutely. They are doing what they can, but it’s unlikely to be resolved soon.
Action: Jenny to forward feedback sessions dates on health and social care delivery.

6.08 Reports

6.08.1 Planning

22/00973//FUL Change of use of ground floor retail and alterations to form hot and cold food take away and form retail unit from retail storage. CC response sent with request to address any potential negative impacts on neighbouring properties and residents.

6.08.2 Treasurer

Update given. CC gave thanks to all businesses and individuals who have donated to Earlston in Bloom. RBS have the completed paperwork to move the account to digital, awaited. CC agreed to re-imburse the cost of the plaque for the Platinum Jubilee memorial.
Action: Joy and Marc to plan and organise Jubilee event before September meeting.
Action: Sheila to contact the Duke of Buccleuch

6.08.3 Earlston Community Action Plan (ECAP)

Item was covered in other updates and discussions.

6.08.4 Earlston in Bloom

Update given. Planters and baskets flowering; watering rota in place; Triangle weeded and mulched; major clean and tidy for Keep Scotland Beautiful visit tomorrow; garden competition open to entries. CC gave thanks to the Co-op for donation of bags of compost, growbags and bark, and to EiB volunteers for all the wonderful work they do to make Earlston so colourful.

6.08.5 Resilience

Update given. SBC are holding a meeting of all Co-ordinators at the end of this month.
Tweed Forum co-ordinated recent removal of Himalayan Balsam along Turfford Burn.

6.08.6 Eildon Area Partnership

Next meeting on 8th September, agenda to focus on Climate Change.
Action: Jenny to follow up on the unpublished video link from 30th June meeting.

7.08 New Primary School

SBC Councillors to receive project update tomorrow. Programme plans are well advanced.

8.08 Eildon Housing Development

CC had met to discuss ideas for potential community benefits once start date confirmed.

9.08 Community Council Co-opted Membership

Action: Sheila to bring outline plan and timescale to next meeting.

10.08 Update on Local Issues Raised with SBC

CC gave thanks to David and Craig Blackie (SBC) for recent visit to discuss various issues.
See Appendix for topics, actions and responsibilities.
David confirmed Everest Road pavement repairs are with SBC as a Small Scheme.
CC thanked David for organising storage container requested by Christmas Lights volunteers.
John had reported broken High Street pavement slabs, hedge opposite Halcombe Crescent.
Action: David to confirm when 20mph signs on the A68 trunk road will be revised to 30mph.
Action: David to confirm when Earlston will have “Dragons’ Teeth painted at all 20mph entrances to visually narrow the road and slow the traffic, as at Newstead.

11.08 Earlston Public Toilets

Cubicles remain out of order, for months. CC expressed disappointment that action had still been not been taken despite repeated requests and reports, especially after C Blackie said on 15th July that they would be repaired soon.
Action: David to pursue with SBC officers.

12.08 Winter Resilience/Cost of Living Crisis

Marc queried SBC current activity and future plans given the crisis; how is it communicated and what groups/CC can to help. Jenny said this has been raised by other CCs.
Action: Jenny to raise winter resilience and cost of living crisis with Jenni Craig (SBC) and report back on how they are being addressed by SBC and others now and in the future.
Cora queried SBC’s actions to cut energy spending, save taxes e.g., lighting at High School.
CC was advised they are moving the fleet to electric vehicles, have solar panels on building, use LED and session lighting but agree more can be done. The school is with Amey and SBC have no control over the building or their decisions.

13.08 Reading Room Books

The books remain at Jedburgh, in the care of SBC who have asked about removal.
Action: Jenny to ask contact for advice on how to proceed.

14.08 Any other Business

Norman asked what percentage of SBC staff still worked from home. The figure is not known, many are now ‘hybrid’, splitting their working week approximately 60:40 between office and home, as are many other employees across the public and private sector post-COVID.

Next meeting: Wednesday 67h September 2022

Chair/ Secretary
Sheila Gibb
01896 849663

Vice Chair:
Joy Snape
01896 848113

Robert Turnbull
01896 848515

Email: earlston.communitycouncil@gmail.com

10.08 Local issues raised with SBC on 15th July 2022

Public loo/bus stanceAgreed Action to Be Taken By
1Black steel stands at bus stance
One bent, all rusted
Blacksmith to repair and repaintSBC/ C Blackie
2Ancient notices
Grubby notice board
Remove notices
Clean metal board
Provide clear instructions on who and how to contact SBC when there are access problems
SBC/C Blackie
3Front right and side loos:
Door locks/ mechanisms remain broken, out of use
Ensure correct repairs carried out asapSBC/ C Blackie
4CC query on how to get secure cycle stands, as in MelroseIdentify locations, send to David for site visit with SBC, agree options, obtain racksCC / Sheila
The Square
5White parking bay lines fadedConfirm ownership, paintSBC Roads
6Tarmac surface broken, causing problems for elderly, wheelchair/ mobility scooter users etcRepair holesSBC Roads
7Broken paving, corner at High Street and the BraeRepair pavingSBC Roads
8CC query removing/ repurposing of scruffy BT phone box when there are no current consultations, unused for yearsConfirm BT contact for enquiry to proceedDavid
CC query over frequency of cut (annual), timing (end of year) as residents are unhappyAdvised by SBC no change this year
Review 2023 timing before Common Ridings
SBC/ C Blackie
CC Query over tree branches overhanging pavement in wet weather
Residents walking on the road
Advised this is Trunk Road responsibility of BEAR: 0800 028 1414 to report problemCC/ N Catto