2022-03-02 – Inaugural Meeting

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Date: 2nd March 2022, 7pm

Welcome and introduction

The Returning Officer, Councillor David Parker, welcomed everyone to the meeting declaring the 7 nominated candidates as elected to the Community Council, congratulating all but especially the new members. He explained there were five remaining vacancies which Community Council may wish to fill at a later date.

Apologies for Absence

Councillor Jenny Linehan, Minute Secretary Anne Brown

Membership of Community Council
Membership noted.
Mrs Sheila Gibb
Mr Norman Catto
Mr Disney Barlow
Mr Marc Fletcher
Mrs Joy Snape
Mrs Cora Younger
Mr Robert Turnbull

Appointment of Chairman

Sheila Gibb proposed to Returning Officer by Joy Snape, seconded by Disney Barlow. SG appointed.

Appointment of Vice-Chairman

Joy Snape proposed by Norman Catto, Seconded by Robert Turnbull. JS appointed.

Appointment of Secretary

Sheila Gibb proposed by Joy Snape, seconded by Norman Catto. SG appointed.

Appointment of Treasurer

Robert Turnbull proposed by Norman Catto, seconded by Joy Snape. RT appointed.

Any Other Business

Community Councillors signed the agreement to abide by the SBC Code of Conduct

Meeting of Community Council

Inaugural meeting closed, followed by Community Council meeting.